On-shore Salmon Fish Farm

A funding hiatus offers investors the opportunity to play a key role in the development of this new build on shore salmon farm which, using world-leading aquaculture technology, will provide wholesale customers with guaranteed supply of premium, sustainable, welfare-friendly, Scottish salmon throughout the year.

Having invested £1.6m into the project so far, having secured the site and obtained full planning consent, having raised £13m in infrastructure debt to build, and having a Term Sheet and completed DD with a major City-based VCT for £6m of equity finance, this business was all set to roll. However, unrelated to this deal, restructuring at the VCT will delay the funding by upwards of 9 months, and our client is now looking for quicker access to capital. The client has approached B&Y to help raise short-term finance to keep the project ticking over until the larger equity funds can be replaced, or the original deal concluded.

Location Amount EIS/SEIS Stage Reference
Scotland £200,000 EIS Growth Capital 7124

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