London Property Development (LPD) achieves £250,000

London Property Development (LPD) is a high-end developer who has been capitalising on the strong trends in the London real estate market.

They approached us to discuss their regular flow of Off-Market development opportunities. LPD obtain bank funding for the purchase of the properties, but seek investment for the development of the sites. They had a small and supportive investor base but were hoping to widen their audience and opportunity.

Sectors Location Stage New Capital
London Early Stage £250,000

Given our deep investor network and the appetite for quality property investments, we knew we could add to their circle of investors. With our experience we were able to showcase LPD’s track record and credentials, resulting in a number of interested investors who met with the management team. In short time, six investors had expressed commitment in investing in current and future projects.

For LPD’s Streatham Common project we secured an investment of £250,000 to develop this superb site which has planning consent to construct a 6,000 sq.ft, 6-bedroom luxury home. ROI for this project is estimated to be 46%. Both the client and investor are very excited to see this project take shape.

The relationship with LPD is an on-going one. They offer Short-Term, High-Yield, Asset-Backed opportunities on a regular basis. They anticipate 20 – 40% ROI over 12 – 18 months on these wider development projects. Interested investors can participate fully or partially in any of the projects.

We look forward funding many successful projects for LPD. If you are interested in hearing more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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