Closed-Network Social Media Platform for Alumni

To many, Facebook is a monolith that has had its day. Social Networking 2.0 has arrived, and the internet is now being used in a more selective way to put people together.

Our client has developed a social media platform where users and schools create their own ‘closed-circle’ networks of Alumni from the same school. The platform launched in Feb 2018 for Harrow and now comprises a network of 1100+ alumni, developing inner circles of interest areas, e.g., investor club, sports clubs, job-posting, property lunches and event organising. The platform is live for a further10 high-value public schools including Eton, Charterhouse and St George’s Ascot, with an aggregate 4,000+ users. The pipeline stands at 78 schools, with a target of 100,000 users for 2019. Engagement rates with users are 3 times industry average.

Location Amount EIS/SEIS Stage Reference
London £500,00 EIS applicable Growth Capital 7128

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