Luxury Cosmetics

Our client has been fast-tracked to launch a new line of cosmetics by a digital-TV shopping retail conglomerate with a reputation for recognising what it takes to build a successful brand. Luxury Cosmetics’ product range ...

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London Property Development (LPD) achieves £250,000

London Property Development (LPD) is a high-end developer who has been capitalising on the strong trends in the London real estate market.

They approached us to discuss their regular flow of Off-Market development opportunities. LPD ...

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£600,000 in capital raised for Military Music Festival

The Military Music Festival is a new event planned for August 2015 as a celebratory entertainment festival for members of the UK Armed Forces, ex-forces, family, friends and patriotic members of the public.

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£1,200,000 in financing for Seas of Red raised in just 3 weeks

On November 11th 2014, The Tower of London was awash with ceramic poppies created by artist Paul Cummins.  A total of 886,246 poppies were planted to honour each British & Colonial fatality during WWI ...

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Artificial intelligence company achieves £100,000 in financing

Joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation – Emotion Cube will show you how you feel!  Emotion Cube is the world’s first AI device that can respond to factual questioning and engage in ...

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Property Maintenance Group achieves £285,000 for development capital

Property Maintenance Group manages communal external areas on housing and mixed-use developments. Our client was seeking funding in order to purchase the balance of shares from a listed property group who were themselves keen to ...

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